Missions to USA

The United States has over 320 million people from every nation, race and creed on earth. America has a Christian Judeo foundation and religious freedom like few nations have enjoyed or experienced. In modern history, this country has shown the desperate need for the gospel of Christ to be shared with her inhabitants.

David was born and raised in New York State and has several long-term relationships with ministers and ministries in that region of the USA. There are other strong connections with other ministries across the USA with the growing potential of other regions inviting a ministry to come and bring encouragement and support to the area with kindness and the power of the Holy Spirit.

In more recent years it has become more and more an intentional desire for more teams to go to the USA to minister the LOVE & KINDNESS of JESUS to people as well as STRENGTHEN THE WORK that continues to those who are in the grassroots of the society. We are fervently praying as to the exacting timing we will be launching these short term missions trips to USA. Each state has its own cultural nuances and differences even from its neighbours.

Our trips are not designed to be a tour or a regional overview. Prayer and team building will inevitably be part of the experience where we get to enjoy some of the features of the area as a lot of ministry happens with interacting in daily life in the USA. Opportunity will be given for preaching and training in church or community and home settings. We also work with some ministries with feeding programs to those people who need extra tender love and care.

You are welcome to apply for one of our mission teams to America, whether you already live in the USA or are from another nation. We will make you aware when these trips are being offered.

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