The year 2020 will definitely be a year for the history books. It’s good to reflect and contemplate in life. 2020 is a year of loss and sadness for almost everyone. Those who did get sick or lose a loved one the pain and loss is terrible and compassion and love I hope you truly find.

This year showed international confusion and shut down of travel preventing us from connecting with family and friends. The loss of income coupled with uncertainty of a return to more freedom and less restrictions was very disheartening for so many of us. Shortages of toilet paper added to the pressure. Not many people could say 2020 wasn’t an impacting year. Graduations in high schools and schooling in general were  altered as well as how school was conducted. A year that went so slow in the beginning and dragged each day into a scene from the old movie, “Ground Hog Day,” but now has become a year full of hustle as we approach Christmas many Australians are realisingthey’re desiring to move north to either visit or live in Queensland or further a field. Our roads have been congested to frustrating levels as local commuters struggle to adjust to the new arrival times to familiar destinations. .

A year where certain rights and norms have been challenged. Where going to Lowe’s or Home Depot in the USA or Bunnings here in ,” True Blue Aussie”, was deemed safer than going to any Church service or Event. And as quick of the snap of our fingers, many of us worldwide experienced a loss of our inherit freedoms… without any challenge or discrepancies – all in the name of safety and well being. Watching, “Zoom”  became almost a necessity for communication. Now communicating online has never been more available where business is conducted, education, commerce, religion, counselling, mental health sessions, mentoring and coaching, training and  much more. Yet somehow with so many people becoming unused to meeting together in a face to face fashion the result has never been to have so many seem disconnected where humanity has lost all curtesy for others and replaced being rude to others instead  and living independent seemingly without the need to be around others.

God is and has been in total authority during the entire year 2020. The US election, worldwide political scandals and China’s aggressive world behaviour all make for interesting news and conversation… BUT… the entire unfolding of this year into history, God completely knows all things and is above and in and through all things! We can look back and see that God has not changed and is our only source to place our true confidence and peace.

Looking forward to a  new year in 2021,  people want to hear that it will be a better year and all things COVID 19 will disappear… but I’m not sure that’s going to be the case. So by looking back on the year we can see what our posture should be for the New Year.  All of our hopes, dreams, wants, desires, and wanting for a better year! Who wouldn’t want a better year?

An increasing amount of faith is needed, trust and hope placed securely in Jesus Christ and Him alone!

Wise men have told us repeatedly that by studying history helps us not repeat it. If you see the statistics most students don’t like history…that should maybe give us insight into why history repeats so much.  Seeing the sky hasn’t caved to the ground and we are still here and functioning and all doing life on the planet should give us confidence – life will continue into next year. For 2021… here is perhaps some insightI… We will still need to believe God for every provision and help and need we want met. The bible is clear the birth pangs get quicker and faster and more intense toward His return! What’s the interpretation its going to get worse before it gets perfect!  Perfect is when Jesus Rules and Reigns from Earth at His return. My hope and assurance of salvation is only found in Him and Him alone. We need to be informed, educated, aware, loving, but not stupid more than ever in 2021 and beyond!

We are all here together able to see God has not let humanity down in 2020 – He in fact has given the world the opportunity to reflect and realise we are desperate for more of Him!

Looking back on 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021…… Resolutely Dependant In Jesus!

Happy New Year!