We’ve started something New.

“Gather at Home” meetings have been launched in house settings!

Many have not been connected with any formal church or body of believers and are coming along to Gather at Home to be encouraged as they journey closer to Jesus.

Acts 2:46, They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts…Acts 5:42- Every day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they did not stop teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ.

For some time now my lovely wife Ange and I have been on a journey in exploring what is church and true fellowship? What does God require of us in the middle of so much change not only on the face of the earth but also within the context of church. I’ve been saying for years when ministering in different buildings where God’s people meet together, “Welcome to the building – church!” A conviction that I’ve had for many years. Some of my closest friends in ministry in USA and here in Australia are finding themselves looking at the home as a focal point of gathering and ministry.

I believe there will be sweeping change of how the global believers meet regularly to have connection & encouragement. To live out our beliefs, especially in the western society. Those like Francis Chan, and others, that bring a totally different perspective and outlook and reminder to the church collectively. I am not anti-traditional or meeting in the temple courts, however, in the season we find ourselves – we believe we are gathering people from far and wide to meet together where most of them have not been attending an institutional format.

Ange & I are not naïve to think that we’re starting or doing something never been done before. Rather, on the contrary, we understand that we are being called to get back to biblical foundational expressions. Back to the simplicity of the power of repentance and salvation only found in Christ Jesus. Discovering in an intimate setting the solid Truth of His Word and being sensitive to the gentle leading and power of the Holy Spirit’s.

The Word of God, Communion, Prayer and sharing a meal with one another are the only expectations at Gather at Home. Worshipping Him and Him alone. We are excited and finding a refreshing time with God and people once again! So Grateful.

We will have corporate meetings from time to time in locations to be announced for anyone to attend.

We are being daily encouraged to live like what’s found in the pages of the book of Acts. Ancient ways.

Keep the Son In Your Eyes,