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Mountain Collective has a wonderful relationship with the people of the Republic of the Fiji Islands. Ange and I have been taking trips to Fiji since 2012. We have established connections and relationships that we cherish in this beautiful tropical nation. We have been going to the Nadi area since the very first day of our arrival in May of 2012. We work with two distinctive ministries in this area and have taken 35 trips and mostly all with small to medium sized teams. The nation has several cultures within its borders and we interact with both Fijian Indian and Fijian Islander cultures. We have developed a format which we have found greatly rewarding both for our teams and the indigenous people groups.

We have a working relationship with primary schools, an established children’s home and several area churches, in which we have helped in establishing and training leadership in a co-labouring approach with local oversight and leaders. We have also expanded our work with the network of churches called HIM, His International Mission led by Pastor Graham Davison of Auckland New Zealand and the Fijian network of ministries that relate to this amazing movement.

When we offer people to be a part of a team and join us in Fiji, it is always with great excitement! We get to see our long-time friends and a growing number of hungry people for more and more of Jesus in the islands. Fiji has over 380,000 people of Indian cultural background. Fiji has just under 1 million people in 333 islands. It has three major religions represented, Christian, Hindu and Islam. The island of Viti Levu is the most populated island of the group, it has the capital found in Suva and the international airport in Nadi. These two cities are a 3-hour drive from one another… if traffic allows. You will experience what is termed, “Fiji Time,” a well worded expression as most things are not gauged by a western wrist watch.

Mountain Collective offers a land package and application form to be filled out when a trip is planned. We consider all applicants to attend but due to transport and accommodation limitations we can only offer a small number of slots to a large influx of interested people. If you are interested a fully completed form is required with all other necessary paperwork. Each individual or those traveling together to Fiji to be a part of the outreach, need to have current travel insurance, including medical and proof of insurance sent to us by each participant. We also require every person to arrange their own air tickets. People are free and encouraged to arrange a stay and experience the friendly and tropical hospitality before or after a Mountain Collective missions’ trip with scheduled dates.

Land costs include transport to and from the international airport, transport to all scheduled events. Trips can be 7 to 10 days. Land package also includes accommodation, bottled water for each participant for each day, a list of do’s and don’ts. The land package does not include money for extras such as souvenirs, gifts for family or friends, or toiletries. We will try to provide the most current exchange rate for different countries, however, these can change without warning and frequently. We will instruct you of what to bring and what not to bring. Also, if you should be selected, we will set up a Viber or iMessenger, call to be able to connect and discuss any questions that might arise.

A normal day will consist for an example of the following: Devotion, Breakfast, worship and training in ministry during the morning. Lunch followed by an outreach to a local community entity such as a primary aged school or children’s home, hospital etc… return for a rest and dinner and then have a night outreach meeting where the team ministers during the meeting in song, testimonies, prayer etc… after the meeting some nights might include ministry on the streets or village. You can experience life in the city and life in a village setting.

We endeavour to give you plenty of notice when our mission trips will be scheduled. Thank you for your interest and you are more than welcome to complete an Interest Form for one of trips through Mountain Collective.

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