Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real that you could describe the colours because it was so vivid? Perhaps even the smells and feelings you experienced in the dream actually made it seem like you were really there. Maybe even after you woke up you could still feel like you were still dreaming. Have you ever had a dream you thought meant something or held serious significance? A dream could have even irritated you to the point where you researched different symbols or something in the dream to try to find the meaning.

God created every human with the ability to dream. When a person sleeps the ideal state of sleep is when a person reaches what is referred to as REM. Standing for rapid eye movement and there are four stages of sleep. About 70 to 90 minutes after falling asleep a person should reach this stage. According to Medical News Today, during this cycle it is the deep replenishing part of sleep where our brain activity is like when we are awake. Images and pictures come alive when we are in this stage of sleep.
And it is in this stage of sleep where God can communicate to the dreamer.

Solomon’s wisdom in Ecclesiastes 5:7 says, many dreams and words are meaningless, Fear God! We are not to base our lives on dreams as the source of all direction in our life. However, we need to be aware that God has given us the ability to dream for more than just fun or to have something to talk about over breakfast in the morning.

God uses many different things to communicate to humanity. Dreams are just one of the ways that God can use to share His plan, desire, intention, invention, or opinion on a subject. God loves to conceal or hide something. He enjoys for those who are hungry and have a passion to search out what God hides, to search for what He has hidden. Proverbs 25:2- “It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter”. God can choose to hide answers or meaning, healing, direction, encouragement, confirmation, or his difference of opinion compared to the dreamer’s opinion in a dream.

Dreams can be seen as, “night parables,” in which Jesus spoke in metaphoric language often. He spoke so much in parables that his disciples asked Him, “why you are speaking in such a way,” Matthew 13:10-13. They forgot that Jesus would speak that way because it was prophesied in Psalm 78:2 about Jesus speaking in parables.

Dreams can only have three sources. Dreams are from God, our soul, or the devil. There are numerous types of dreams. Dreams that linger, stick with the dreamer, carry some weight or are colourful and vivid, tend to be from God. Dreams are symbolic in nature meaning God can use picture language and we have to try to find what the pictures or symbols represent. Ask God when you think you have received a dream from God to the meaning. Joshua 40:8, only God can give us the interpretation. The enemy of our soul, the devil, gives night terrors and nightmares to try to stop people starting at a young age, from wanting to receive dreams. All the effect or continuing of bad dreams can be cut off a person’s life in the name of Jesus!

Dreams can be used for God to speak to you. It is not necessary to have a dream to be closer to God or have salvation. Yet, we want to be open to the way God deems it necessary to share with us.
For those who want to know more keep digging for the treasure that is Him!

Blessings, David.